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Nursing Tote Bag for AUHS RN | BSN Program

Nursing Tote Bag for AUHS RN | BSN Program

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This Nursing Tote Bag contains supplies you will use for the BSN nursing program at AUHS.

We only ship the tote bags to the AUHS Campus. Please see your on-campus contact for pick-up.


  • Health Tote Bag (x1)
  • Blood Pressure Cuff Latex Free (x1)
  • Thermometer Oral Digital (x1)
  • ECG Ruler (x1)
  • ECG Caliper Black (x1)
  • Penlight (x1)
  • Stethoscope General (x1)
  • Personal Protect Kit Latex Free (x1)
  • Closed Insert Indwelling Urinary Catheter Tray (x1)
  • IV Extension Set 7.6IN (x1)
  • PlumSet Primary Macrobore 104IN 15 Drops/mL Clave Y-Site (x1)
  • IV Start Kit Custom with Prep and Gloves (x1)
  • Positive Pressure Valve Needle Free (x1)
  • Secondary IV Tubing Duo Vent 37IN 10 Drops/mL (x1)
  • Simulated IV Fluid 500ml, 1000ml .9PCT Sodim Chlorid IV Fluid (x1)
  • Suction Catheter Kit NS 2 Gloves (x1)
  • Tracheostomy Care Kit Tray with Gloves (x1)
  • Lister Bandage Scissor 5.5IN Chrome (x1)
  • Kelly Forcep 5.5IN Curved Chrome (x1)
  • Demo Dose® Inject-EdTrainer Injection Practice Pad (x1)
  • Sterile Gloves (x2)

Thank you and good luck on your studies!

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